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How does Maker Party work?

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Host an Event

Host an Event. During our annual two-month party (July to September), individuals and organizations from around the world host thousands of events teaching the culture, mechanics and citizenship of the web. Hosting an event during the rest of the year? Add it to our events page!

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Attend an Event

Attend an Event. Visit our events page and see what's happening in your neighbourhood during Maker Party, or any time of year.

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Get Support

Throwing an event? We’ll support you the entire way with free training and planning resources, ideas for activities, great Mozilla gear like t-shirts and stickers, plus access to a wonderful community and one-on-one support.

Have fun with our tools

You can use anything you like to teach the web at your Maker Party event, from the wonderful array of tools available online to good old pencils and paper. Mozilla Webmaker is proud to offer fun, easy-to-use, free tools: see the inner working of a webpage with X-Ray Goggles; learn HTML and CSS using Thimble; remix video, audio and images from the web with Popcorn Maker, and build an personal mobile app with Appmaker.

Learn by teaching

The best way to learn the web is to teach it. Hosting a Maker Party is not only personally rewarding, it contributes to the greater goal of increasing web literacy for everyone, everywhere in the world.

Images from Maker Party 2014

Curious to see what a Maker Party event looks like? Check out these photos from events around the world.

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Why Mozilla throws an annual Maker Party

Mozilla believes the web is a global public resource that’s integral to modern life: it shapes how we learn, how we connect and how we communicate. But many of us don't understand its basic mechanics or what it means to be a citizen of the web. That’s why we’re so passionate about teaching web literacy through hands-on learning and making. Our goal is to help people move beyond simply consuming the web to understanding and creating it, so it remains open, accessible and ours.

Maker Party is also part of the the Summer to Make, Play and Connect, a celebration of a learning approach designed for our times called Connected Learning.

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See what people are saying about Maker Party

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Technology can be an extraordinary tool for empowerment. That’s why the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Council leadership program hosted “Maker Parties” run by Mozilla’s Hive Toronto network. As makers-in-training, they learned how to use Mozilla’s free suite of webmaking tools to create their own websites and videos. They also learned the freedom and confidence that comes from knowing how to not only enjoy content on the internet, but create it themselves.

Pockets of youth are springing up across Africa and engaging in empowering hands on activities and innovative practices, but when we can bring them together for an event like Maker Party, it has the power to cultivate a community of global youth that can drive development forward.

It's an awesome feeling knowing that Maker Parties are happening on a global scale because the atmosphere of these events are so inspiring for everyone, and teens are really responsive to this type of format. I think the Maker Party campaign really sets the foundation and groundwork for launching maker-related programming, especially to give teens the opportunity to be exposed to so many exciting activities and opportunities to develop their interests.

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Steph Guthrie
Senior Communications Officer | Advocacy & Communications
YWCA Toronto

Ariam Mogos
Director of New Initiatives and Research

Anthony Negron
Manager of Digital Programming
New York Hall of Science